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Why Advertise with Macaroni Kid?

  • We offer extremely targeted advertising to your customer—all subscribers are parents with kids (and even some grandparents & caregivers). We reach over 9,000 subscribers every week with our weekly e-newsletter. Our website averages 20,000 site views a month. We have 10,000+ followers on our Facebook page, with even more on Instagram and Twitter.

  • Your advertisement will link directly to your website, and Macaroni Kid can track how many page views and clicks that your site receives.

  • Subscribers look forward to receiving the weekly e-newsletter in their email and often forward the newsletter to their family and friends.

  • Parents check the Macaroni Kid website several times a week to look at local activity listings.

  • Your ad is included in each weekly e-newsletter and appears throughout the full website.

  • Advertising is affordable, flexible AND local.

  • We have a targeted product (people with kids) and greater exposure with ads that are easy to see.

Advertising Opportunities: 

Newsletter/Web Advertising. Our platform supports both leaderboard (banner) and sidebar (square) ads.


Sponsored Feature Articles. Offer an insider's look at your family-friendly business or service with a feature article posted in our newsletter and on our homepage. We'll work with you to develop content that is informative, engaging, and - most importantly - memorable.


Dedicated Email Blasts. Send your message directly to our entire subscriber list for maximum impact.


Giveaway Promotions. Engage with the community and build interest in your product or service with a fun contest.


Special Article Sponsorship: Sponsor our Easter Egg Hunt Guide, Holiday Happenings Guide, Halloween Events Guide or any other special articles we publish throughout the year.


Slideshow Articles. Show off a new facility or remodel with a slideshow plus detailed description of the space. 


Sponsored Social Media Posts. Macaroni Kid Louisville East works hard to create a Facebook/Twitter pages that are informative, interesting, and up-to-the-minute. Sponsored social media posts deliver our targeted audience of local moms and dads while offering advertisers a more immediate - and scalable - alternative to website/newsletter promotion.


Listings in our Resource Guides. Examples include: Summer Camp Guide, Spring Break Camp Guide, Winter Break Camp Guide, and Birthday Party Guide. Guides are published seasonally in the newsletter and on the homepage.


Business Directory. Our Business Directory features family-friendly programs, services, and vendors in the area, grouped by service category. 

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